Analog photography

Emma at the 50-70-90 Celebration (September, 2015)


I think that I am getting old... No, I do not think—I know that. Only six months ago, our little niece, Emma, looked like this. She does not look like a baby now. She became taller, started speaking in full sentences, and is even more mischievous than before. Even though she did not really pose for this portrait, it seems ideal. Emma's perfectly lit from the left-hand side face is slightly angled. Her headband with a flower, very similar to the one she had on in March, helps to keep her wavy hair from her face. Her facial expression makes us think that she is much older than two.

For this photograph, I used Ilford FP4 ISO 125 film. I printed it twice. First, I tried Fineprint VC paper by Kentmere, then my favorite Bergger. Even though the texture of both prints was very similar, Bergger had better contrast than Kentmere even using the same 2.5 filter.

Lexi at the 50-70-90 Celebration (September, 2015)


The human subject of this photograph is Lexi, our four-year-old niece from Santa Barbara. Interestingly, she liked the camera and was shy at the same time. One moment, she posed for a shot, then looked away the next. Nevertheless, she is very photogenic and cute. The latter was apparent to Dennis, the Belgian Griffon on the right. This shot is full of flaws: the background is completely washed out, part of Lexi's head is cut out, Dennis is a tiny bit more in focus than Lexi. Nevertheless, I like how the dog is reaching for the girl's attention.

For this print, I used Fineprint VC paper by Kentmere. To separate my subjects from the background, I slightly increased the contrast by using filter number 2.5. The main difficulty was burning: I had to heavily burn the left-hand side of the picture to make Lexi's shoulders visible.