Analog photography

De Young Museum of SF #1 (March, 2015)


Even though I printed these two photographs from the same negative, they have completely different moods. This one is printed on standard Ilford RC Delux paper. I am not a big fan of this type of paper, but it is still good for proof prints. This image is soft which you can clearly see from the trees in the foreground. It is quite picturesque, isn't it?

De Young Museum of SF #2 (March, 2015)


At the Keeble and Shuchat photo store, I came across Berger cold-tone fiber paper and fell in love with it right away. If you use it correctly, this paper produces very sharp images of a specific quality. This photograph preserved all different textures that I intended to put in it as a photographer: the softness of the clouds, dotty trees, complicated texture of the museum structure... This photograph looks rough, it does not have the softness of the RC image.