Analog photography

Collin at the Beach #1 (March, 2015)


A new era has begun — I started experimenting with actual printing. I find it very similar to Photoshop. If your negative is not quite successful, you can always (or almost always) adjust it while printing. Even if your negative is perfect, you may want to achieve some special effects through printing it on a warm or cold tone paper instead of the regular neutral tone paper.

For example, this portrait of Collin was printed on neutral tone Ilford RC Delux paper. The background is almost washed out, and Collin's face is in soft focus. I find something impressionistic about it.

Collin at the Beach #2 (March, 2015)


This portrait was printed on Forte warm tone fiber paper. The background is more pronounced, and Collin looks less distant than on the previous photograph. Due to the quality of the paper and negative exposure, this portrait is a great candidate for hand colouring (hint, hint).