Analog photography

Zander at Bol Park (February, 2015)


When we moved to Palo Alto, I signed up for the Fundamentals of Photography class at Palo Alto Adult School. Our fourth assignment was about portraiture. That day, we went for a walk with Aunt Elena and our four-year-old nephew, Zander. He knows all animals and train parts in English and Russian. When we go for walks, he brings me and his grandmother flowers. Despite his young age, he is such a gentleman!

Emma at the Beach (March, 2015)


Here is one of the photographs of Emma, my little niece. It is taken much later and imperfect in many ways. First of all, I took this photo in full sun, which is not ideal for portraiture photography. I was lucky enough to have Emma's face in shade of her hat. Secondly, it does not quite work compositionally. If I have the chance to retake this photograph, I will do it completely differently!