07 2015

Moisture SensorKate Auerbach

Almost every day when I drive to and from work I listen to NPR's California reports announcing more severe water restrictions. In this situation, moisture sensors that can tell one when and how much to water one's plants would be extremely useful.

I used the original High Sensitivity Moisture Sensor report and built an LCD display on top of it. The LCD display is hooked up as for the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor. Connecting the sensor itself is easy – the A0 pin of the sensor is connected to the analog pin A0 of Arduino. The GND and VCC pins of the sensor must be connected to GND and 5V pins of Arduino, respectively.

I Feel Comfortable! Too Much Water!

Feel free to try out the final version of my code (download Kate's code). I hope that you will find it useful in California's drought!

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